The Japan Rubber Manufacturers Association


JRMA Changes Website Domain

The Japan Rubber Manufacturers Association changes the domain for its website and the e-mail address for the secretariat staff accordingly.


Website URL (effective as of May 1.)

  • Before change: http://www.jrma.gr.jp
  • After change:   https://www.rubber.or.jp


E-mail address (effective as of April 21.)

  • Before change: *****@jrma.gr.jp
  • After change:   *****@rubber.or.jp

About JRMA

  • Establishment: July 20, 1950
  • President: Mr. Tadanobu Nagumo (Chairman and Representative Member of the Board, The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd.)
  • Address: Tobu building 2nd Fl., 1-5-26 Motoakasaka Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0051
  • Tel: + 81-3-3408-7101
  • Fax: + 81-3-3408-7106
  • Membership: 117 (as of August 1, 2017)



JRMA strives for the sound development of the Japanese rubber industry and contributes to the development of the national economy and people's living by:


1) surveying and distributing information on production, distribution, consumption and others in the rubber industry;
2) surveying and proposing and implementing actions on technology, labor, environment, safety, standardization and others in the rubber industry;
3) holding trainings, seminars and others on rubber industry;
4) interacting and cooperating with organizations within and outside the rubber industry;
5) presenting awards for accomplishments such as business performance and safety.


JRMA consists of members and associates. Members are corporations that develop and manufacture rubber products in Japan. Associates are corporations or institutions that support the accomplishment of its purposes.

1) General Meeting
2) Board of Directors
3) Executive Meeting
4) Standing Committees

  • General Planning
  • SME
  • International Affairs
  • Tax Issues
  • Labor Management
  • Environment
  • Safety and Health Problems
  • Physical Distribution Management
  • IRSG Liaison
  • Statistical
  • Technical (Products Standards)
  • ISO/TC45 Japan National Mirror Committee
  • ISO/TC157 Japan National Mirror Committee


Periodical Publications

"The Rubber Industry in Japan"


  - Production, export and import of rubber products
  - Environmental issues
  - Labor
  - Forecast of rubber industry in Japan
For inquiries, please visit the contact form page.
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一般社団法人日本ゴム工業会  東京都港区元赤坂1-5-26 東部ビル2階 〒107-0051  代表電話番号(03)3408-7101